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Inverted Portrait Inverted Portrait

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Actually on his homepage it says "Draw/Paint/create an artwork in a traditional method (NO digital artworks) using one or more unconventional art materials"
I just copy/pasted the sentence as it is on his page.
So I think Artistsblock123 is right, I understood it the same way as him....and it also says unconventional materials on Jazzas homepage.
Still do like your picture a lot and maybe this counts too who knows :)

MorCohen responds:

I dont read what is writen in the webside, I watch the videos he post in youtube, its usually same thing. That been said I hope it does meet the challange, and if not im fine with that too.
I wanted to go with a method that is really challanging with the amount of time/money I had available.
After considering the other alternatives(coffe,makeup,highlighters,sculpting and more), inverted image felt the most challanging to go with and the least straightforward method.
I participate in the COTM because its giving me an incentive to draw and finish my artworks.
Thanks for the comment.

Jazza the Thinker Jazza the Thinker

Rated 4 / 5 stars

OMG this is sooo funny :D
I love how you took such Iconic elements about Jazza and combined them with "The Thinker".
I think you really well combined the two :)
The only "negative" point in my opinion is that you could have made him bend over a little bit more, just a bit more exaggerated. I think that would have been a bit more effective. In conclusion I do really think it is very good especially for a beginner as you said you are :)
(Please excuse my spelling)